"The Day Unicorn Met Alligator" by Vanessa Graulich

“The Day Unicorn met Alligator”

By Vanessa Graulich

One sunny day, Unicorn was walking around the park, when he heard someone crying.

“Hey Alligator, are you ok?” Why are you crying? Asked Unicorn with a magical calmed voice.

“Unicorn, I am very sad. No one follows me, no one wants to be my friend. They are scared of my big mouth and teeth” said Alligator with a sad voice.

Unicorn smiled and said:

“Alligator, if you believe you have a big mouth and big teeth, then that is what others will think of you. I am magical because I want to be magical. What do you want to be Alligator?

“I want to be cool and unique!” said Alligator excited

Unicorn smiled again. Both animals sat down and started writing the coolest and unique features of Alligator in a piece of paper.

“An Alligator may go through 2,000 to 3,000 teeth in its lifetime” said Unicorn. Oh wait , I found another cool fact.. “Alligators can hold their breath up to 45 minutes”..Wahoo… said Unicorn…You are pretty cool and unique.

Alligator had a smiled in his face. He finally embraced his 80 cool and unique conical shaped teeth”

Alligator started his own social media account showing the world his cool and unique teeth. He reached millions of followers, but his most important friend was Unicorn, the one that show him to be magical and mystical by just loving himself.


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