"Tardigrade and the Unicorn Tea Party" by Vanessa Graulich

Once sunny afternoon, Bunny, Bear, and Owl were having tea and cookies at Unicorn’s house.

“ I am so happy you are all here. I am excited for you guys to meet my new friend” said Unicorn.

The animals were excited. Unicorn was the most beautiful mystical creature in the world, its friend had to be just as cute, beautiful, and magical. Unicorn left to the kitchen to get more tea.

The door bell rang and Bunny (being the fastest) opened the door. It was Tardigrade. “pipipipipiipi” said Tardigrade, which translated to “nice to meet you, I am Tardigrade”.

Tardigrade smiled to all the animals, they did not smile back since they were in shock. They all thought, “He is so different, he is not like us”, how can Unicorn be friends with him?

Tardigrade did not feel welcome, he quietly sat down by himself and felt sad.

Unicorn came back from the kitchen with more tea and cookies. He saw Tardigrade alone. He knew right away what had happened.

He welcomed the Tardigrade to the table. The animals still did not understand how Unicorn can had a friend like him?. Unicorn offered cookies and tea to everyone. Tardigrade started talking about his adventures all over the world. The ocean, the jungle, the mountains, the beach, the refrigerator, the grass outside, basically, he had been everywhere.

The Animals were so impressed with Tardigrade. He is so cool thought Bunny. He is so resilient thought Bear, he is so efficient thought Owl. The animals finally understood why Unicorn was friends with Tardigrade.

That was a very special day for the Animals, the Unicorn, and specially for Tardigrade. He was invited now to every party in town.


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